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Dispute Resolution


Expert Witness

Often clients and their solicitors will come to us in respect of general valuation advice for Court purposes under the Civil Procedure Rules. All qualified surveyors in Sussex Surveyors are registered under the RICS Valuer Registration Scheme and can provide advice in respect of disputes for negotiation or Court purposes.


Independent Expert

Sussex Surveyors also provides expert reports for solicitors and their clients in respect of general dispute resolution work.


Party Wall Resolution

If you live in a semi-detached or terraced property as well as flat or maisonette then parts of your property are shared with a neighbour. If you or your neighbour wish to carry out work on this shared part or to extend your existing property then the provisions of the Party Wall etc Act 1996 will most probably apply.


I’ve received a Notice from my neighbour which refers to the Party Wall etc Act 1996, what do I do?


Contact Tony Pearson for a no obligation free chat on what will be the best course of action. Any fees we charge will probably be paid by your neighbour proposing the work.


I’m planning building work on my property, how do I know if the work applies under the Act?


Typical works that apply under the Party Wall Act include extensions, loft conversions, basement conversions and removal of chimney breasts. Other works may also apply under the Act to a detached property such as work within 3 metres of the boundary and in some circumstances if the work is within 6 metres of the boundary.

It should be noted that the intention of the Act is not to stop you from completing your proposed building works, in fact quite the opposite. As long as you fulfil certain obligations, serving correct notices in prescribed time scales then the Act can give you an ability to complete your plans that may not otherwise be allowed. This is why the involvement of a professional surveyor at an early stage is advised.


Rent Reviews

Sussex Surveyors have long been considered as providing expert advice in respect of current rental values for commercial buildings of most types and keep their ‘finger on the pulse of the market’ with constant valuations of this type.

Being active within the commercial valuation market, Sussex Surveyors provides valuation opinion in respect of reviews of rent and can act for either landlord or tenant in reaching an amicable settlement representation before an independent surveyor or arbitrator.



At the end of the lease a landlord may wish to serve a Schedule of Dilapidations on the tenant and this work can be carried out by Sussex Surveyors who can also deal with negotiations with the tenant.


Lease Renewals

This is allied to rent reviews where Sussex Surveyors can provide valuation opinion in respect of the current state of the commercial and residential market to enable a landlord to have confidence in dealing with correct valuation advice for lease renewals.