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Residential Property


Building Surveys

Previously called a Full Structural Survey, a Building Survey is usually recommended by surveyors for older properties or where many previous alterations and additions have been carried out. This survey includes a detailed description of the construction of the property, inspection of all main building components including each room, as well as all roofs, floors, walls, windows, services, finishes, grounds and boundaries. The Surveyor will highlight the need for repair, specify remedial work and provide approximate costs for such work. An insurance reinstatement valuation is usually provided and a market valuation can be included at an additional charge.


HomeBuyer Reports

This is suitable for conventional houses, bungalows and most flats in reasonable condition. The report is designed to be easy to read and grades defects in respect of their significance. This report includes a Market Value, which reflects any significant defects discovered during the inspection as well as an Insurance Reinstatement Figure for the property and not only will we find major defects but we will provide some advice on how to maintain the property.

Click here for an impartial guide to which survey or report will fulfil your requirements (1.17MB PDF).


Valuations for various purposes

A brief and concise report with the main intention of providing a valuation of the property as “security” for a loan to purchase. Major problems and failures should be noted but advice and future implications of failures are not included. Valuations are frequently required for many purposes including Divorce, Tax Matters, Company Restructuring and Sale, Probate etc. All our surveyors are RICS Registered Valuers.


Lease Extension Valuations

Most of our clients appreciate that once their lease runs down to around 80 years the time is right to grasp the nettle and extend the lease. If you have owned your flat for 2 years you may be entitled to a statutory lease extension which will add another 90 years onto your existing lease and extinguish the ground rent. If you act promptly and get the lease extended before it drops to below 80 years you will save yourself the cost of marriage value which can amount to a significant figure as part of the overall premium you will be paying for the extension. Call us now to find out what your next step is to extending your lease and preserving the value of your flat.


Collective Enfranchisement

Are you or your fellow leaseholders disgruntled with the level of maintenance and cost of service charges? Do you feel you would be better off clubbing together to buy your Freehold and be more in charge of the running of your building? If so, one of the first steps would be to see whether you can afford it. At Sussex Surveyors we provide valuations of Freehold Interests in blocks of flats just for such purpose. Call us to find out what our charges would be to act on your behalf in valuing and negotiating the purchase of your Freehold.

Don't forget we can also provide a Building Survey which would highlight any defects which should be taken into account before you buy your own block.


Defect Diagnosis and Building Work Advice

Increasingly property owners require defect diagnosis advice so that they can compare advice from a professional with estimates from a building contractor. Sussex Surveyors are able to provide this advice at reasonable cost. Also those wishing to carry out work to their property e.g. conversions and extensions often require advice before they embark upon a project so that they can keep within budget and also assess the effect upon the value of the property once extended etc. We can help with all aspects of this as well.


New Build Snagging

Often clients will come to Sussex Surveyors and require us to ensure that a building developer has completed the building in accordance with a written Specification or similar and Sussex Surveyors can provide a ‘snagging list’ to be agreed with the developer to leave the property in good condition.


Reinstatement Cost for Buildings Insurance (Fire Insurance)

A reinstatement cost assessment or re-building figure provides the total cost to reinstate your property in the event of fire, flood or other damage. It provides you with an accurate figure upon which your premiums will be based for buildings insurance. Over the years we have assessed a wide variety of both commercial and residential properties. Call us now for a competitive quote for our fees.


Specifications of Works

This is essential for the refurbishment, repair or alteration to any type of property. When this document is prepared properly the contractor knows what is expected of them helping to avoid possible conflicts later. We have surveyors experienced in preparing these as well as overseeing the specified works.