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Property buyers; owners going through divorce, dealing with family matters, probate, SIPs, negotiating purchase or sale for art of their property; Help To Buy valuations; Tax Matters, Company Restructuring and Sale.


One of Sussex Surveyors’ Registered Valuers was instructed by solicitors dealing with a situation where someone bought a two bedroom flat who then converted it into a one bedroom and a studio flat without freeholder or local authority permission.

These unauthorised changes only came to light when the owner tried to sell the one bedroom flat at auction. We were asked to provide valuations on the studio, one bedroom and two bedroom flats assuming that all consents had been granted.


We regularly provide Development Appraisals to developers where we provide information on the expected resales for proposed properties, outline construction and other costs to help them arrive at a value for the proposed development site. One example of this type of work was providing values etc. to a Housing Association on a development of 47 flats and houses. We also completed a discounted cashflow to show the receipts they could expect from the different type of ownership for the proposed units.

In addition to these examples, we have also provided valuations for probate, tax, divorce and expert witness to individuals, businesses, solicitors and accountants for single properties and portfolios of up to 66 properties.


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