Planned Preventative Maintenance 

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance reports (PPMs) are an ideal support tool for busy property managers who would like a comprehensive and proactive approach to the upkeep of their building. A PPM report will detail the maintenance requirements of a property in an easy to follow, easy to understand way with required works laid out according to when they are expected to be necessary. The report can break the works down over any period of time, according to the needs of the Client or as required by a lease. This is commonly five or ten years, and this can then be used to ensure budgeting for that period is as accurate as possible.

This valuable tool will help to prevent breakdowns and failures by replacing components and materials before the end of their expected usable life. By being preventative to problems, the consequences of failure are removed. For example, if the roof is considered to have around 10 years remaining; the cost can be estimated, and annual provisions made. By year 10 there will be enough money saved to repair or replace the roof before it actually leaks, probably causing damage and additional repairs inside the property. This also can help avoid fluctuations in the service charge levied on long leaseholders, which not only aids their personal cashflow but also helps them to manage expectations of how the building will be managed.

Ultimately, this is a tool that helps a Property Manager to manage their portfolio even more effectively and efficiently and also adds value to the service being offered to their Clients.

For those who self-manage their properties, this is a tool to help ensure that all maintenance requirements for their property have been accounted for within their budget and all involved parties know what to expect in terms of expenditure over a period of time.

A PPM reduces the chances of a potentially expensive surprise which eats into a service charge reserve or, worse, requires an additional demand to be made on long leaseholders. This is a tool that empowers everyone to be in control of their properties and to protect that asset both today and into the future.

How do we create an effective PPM?

One of our skilled Building Surveyors will arrange for a convenient time to inspect the property. This inspection can take several hours, depending on the size of the property, because we need to ensure that all elements are inspected and assessed so they can be accurately placed within the schedule. Our Surveyor may use specialist equipment such as drones, pole cameras, damp assessment equipment and measuring tools.

Once the inspection is complete, we may also require sight of any relevant documents such as the lease, asbestos register, fire risk assessment etc. We will inspect these documents and use them to guide the advice we give in our report.

We will then spend some time putting together a fully personalised and detailed report which will include all routinely required works, any non-routine but currently necessary works, approximate costs, and an easy-to-read breakdown of when those works should be implemented. We can also include any additional works a Client may wish to propose, such as upgrade of certain areas, extensions etc, as necessary.

We invite you to speak with us if you think a PPM could be beneficial to your property. We would be happy to discuss your needs on a no obligation basis and provide you with a competitive quote for providing this service to you.

The button above allows you to submit your quotation request online and we will email you your quote. You will be able to accept and proceed with the quote simply by following links in the email you receive. At all times, the team are available if you would prefer to speak to someone, by phone or email for any other enquiries


  • “My neighbours were getting a loft conversion done, Sussex Surveyors did a 'party wall' report for me, have to say the whole experience was great from ringing their office to find out if they could help, very friendly and helpful staff, through to visiting my house - arrived when they said they would and the report was delivered really quickly. Will definitely use them again and highly recommend them.”

    Sandra Murphy
  • “Sussex Surveyors provided an excellent all round professional service including a comprehensive report and given that I was faced with a completely unfamiliar process, they took as much time as I needed to help me with all the different elements and I felt looked after from the very beginning to the end of the process. They were reasonably priced and my particular Surveyor was David Aspey, who as it turned out, has 25 years experience in the industry so I was able to benefit from all of that expertise. They were meticulous, friendly and helpful, which I really appreciated. Highly recommended”