Case Study

Party Wall


People planning on doing building work and those that have received party wall notices.


Sussex Surveyors were appointed by the Adjoining Owner (neighbour) to a development of around 100 flats in the centre of Brighton. The notifiable works involved excavating to form the foundation of the new block of flats, less than a metre from the Adjoining Owners property.

Damage had occurred with dampness penetrating into the property, leading to the property being considered uninhabitable. The property in question was a residential investment property.


Through our knowledge of the Party Wall Act we were able to not only have the property repaired but the Adjoining Owner was also reimbursed for the lost rental income while the property was vacant. A win win!

We were also appointed by the Building Owners (the owner carrying out the building work) where an Adjoining Owner felt that damage had occurred to their property whilst the work was being carried out.

As part of this we undertook a Schedule of Condition on the neighbour’s property before the work commenced. By having photos included in this schedule, we were able to recreate them and compare the before and after shots and tell that the crack had not grown, so the Building Owner did not have to make repairs.


Tony Pearson
Tony Pearson